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Injury prevention and management: Illiotibial (IT) Band Syndrome - Check it out 

Injury prevention and management: ACL - Check it out 

League Notices 

Winter 2016/17 - MWSL introduces a new Referee Complaint Process

Winter 2016/17 - Key Law Changes: Click here to see the key law changes for the season 

Ref does not show up? Refer to Rules & Regulations Sec. 5.10 and report it to the Head Referee - 604-619-3847 

Fall 2016/17 - Discipline: Refer to BC Soccer Discipline Policy 

Partners' Offers 

Canada WNT vs. Mexico Saturday Feb 4, 2017  MWSL members get a special group discount of 25% off regularly priced tickets for the match. See News for links & details.
Sign up today for your free Team Session. MWSL players receive 15% off all Training. See News for links & details 

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