Metro Women's Soccer League
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team play.


Winter 2020-21 Scholarships have been suspended this year due to COVID -19. 

Winter 2019-2020 Recipients - MWSL Scholarships
Ashley Melvin - CMFSC Premier
Kirsten Buchan - NSGSC Impact
Sarah Johns - Richmond FC

Carly Macgillivary - Tsawwassen Titans
Gita Manhas - Richmond United




Click here for Scholarship Application Form



  1. Women only may apply


  1. Applicant must currently be a registered and active player, coach or manager with MWSL


  1. Scholarship is available only to applicants who have completed a minimum of one year of full time post secondary studies


  1. Applicants must be attending an institute of post secondary education in British Columbia. Such institution to have applicable government endorsement


  1. A minimum scholastic standing of C+ is required


  1. Applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant


  1. Applicant must supply a covering letter and copy of the tuition receipt for the current year's fees.


  1. Scholarship applications and supporting documents must be received by the MWSL league by mail no later than the deadline given.


  1. Scholarships are conditional in that funds may be withheld until such time as the recipient provides proof that she is attending a post secondary institution approved by the Scholarship Committee.


  1. Applicants must have a proficiency in soccer as indicated by her play or have shown worthwhile contribution, as judged by the committee, in refereeing or administration of the game.




  1. Applicant to complete required application form


  1. Applicant to provide a resume of education, community service and soccer background


  1. Applicant to obtain 2 letters of reference:


    1. From a personal acquaintance, indicating the applicant's good citizenship, character and leadership outside the community and
    2. From the coach, manager or administrator indicating the applicants character and leadership regarding the applicants soccer ability or contribution to refereeing, coaching or their administrative involvement


  1. Applicant must obtain and submit the most recent official transcript of grades. Unsealed envelopes will not be considered official

Application Due Date: February 19th of the current year.

There are 3 $800 scholarships from MWSL and 2 $500 scholarships from Soccer Express
Application can be found in our links and forms