The 2017-2018 Cup Finals will be held on April 8, 2018 at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. Congratulations to all of the teams competing! Come on down to support your favourite teams:

3677 Kensington Ave, Burnaby BC V5B 4Z6

Beer gardens will be on site. Check out our schedule online or the following Cup Day outline:

BC Soccer Provincials

There has been a change to the Cup Draw date due to some of the leagues not having the details of teams ready for the draw on April 3rd, the following changes were proposed.

1.            Hold the Keith Millar Cup (Men’s B) on April 3rd due to the preliminary round beginning play on April 14/15.

2.            Hold all other Cup draws on Monday April 9th, 2018 with the first rounds of play beginning April 21/22 and beyond.

The draw on April 3rd will take place at the BC Soccer office. Leagues are still invited to attend if they wish, and it will still be streamed.

The main draw event will be moved to April 9th and they are planning to hold this at Fortius Sport and Health building at Burnaby Lake West. This event will feature food and beverages and all leagues and teams will be invited to attend.

Attached are the forms to be filled out.

Timelines for form submissions:

·         Team Roster Form – Due into MWSL office on March 30th, 2018

·         Adult Provincial Cup Team Profile Form – Due into MWSL office March 30th, 2018

·         Adult Provincial Cup Draw - Will be on April 9th, 2018


*  The roster form is a bit different as it will also be used as the Match Report this year. Teams will fill it   out the same way they always have for the initial submission with all of their registered players. Further instructions will be sent to teams/leagues later.

Important dates:

Date of the Women's Finals: May 12th for Classics and B Cup and May 13th for A Cup

Location of Finals: Burnaby Lake West - B Cup and Classics and Swangard for the A Cup

Provincial Cup Draw: Tuesday April 9thrd, 2017

Round of 16: April 21-22

Quarterfinals: April 28-29

Semifinals: May 5-6

Finals: (Men & Women)

Masters/Classics, U21, Open B – May 12

Open A – May 13