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CRC Instructions


Obtaining a Criminal Record Check


It is the responsibility of every member who intends to perform the duties of coach, assistant coach or team manager (all carded team staff) to ensure that the risk management requirements be met prior to starting these duties. Criminal Record Checks (CRC) are considered valid for 3 years and volunteers must ensure they have a current/valid CRC on file with our Risk Management Coordinator at the start of each season.  Failure to have a current Criminal Record Check on file with the MWSL office will deem you ineligible to Coach, Manage or participate in the MWSL.

Options for obtaining a Criminal Record Check

Option 1:  Online CRC Submission


The Metro Women’s Soccer League has recently applied and been approved to have its members submit their Criminal Record Check (CRC) online through the BC Ministry of Justice Online Criminal Record Check Review Program. As part of this process, we have signed and agreed to the terms and conditions for the CRRP Applicant Based Online Service to facilitate CRCs and sharing of completed CRCs. There is no cost for the CRC approval. Completed CRC results must be forwarded to the MWSL Risk Management Coordinator (Jo-Dee Stanley) at

While the approval process should typically only take a few days, early September is a busy time for CRC requests and so response time may be delayed.  If additional information is required approval could take a few weeks.  We encourage all members to complete the CRC process immediately or well ahead of September.

The access code provided below is unique to our League. This code will be required when submitting an online request:


The results of the criminal record check will be sent to the Metro Women’s Soccer League Risk Management Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact the Risk Management Coordinator at


Option 2:  Attend at local Police Detachment & Submit CRC in person


Criminal Record Checks can only be executed by the police establishment that has jurisdiction in the community where the applicant resides. Each police force has its own form(s) and you have to make sure you use the correct ones. There may actually be two forms that you have to fill out  —  one for a general Request and Consent for Police Record Search and Disclosure and a second one for a specific Request and Consent for Criminal Record Search for Sexual Offences for which a pardon may have been granted.

Complete all forms carefully. In some jurisdictions there may be a section in which you sign to give authorization for the police to disclose the information to the league. It is very important to ensure that the correct contact and address shown above is provided in this section. The Police Department may only release the results to the applicant.  If this is the case, you must then forward the CRC to the League office.

NOTE: Recently most police departments, stopped forwarding the results to the leagues directly.  Instead, they are contacting the person applying for the criminal record check and asking them to come and pick up the results in person. Note that once again it must be done in person and you must have your photo ID available. It is your responsibility to forward the results in an unaltered form in a sealed envelope to the MWSL League Manager. The CRC contains personal information and should not be shared with any other league official or volunteer.

Some jurisdictions are now requiring finger-printing.

Some police departments charge a fee for processing a Criminal Record Check.  Any fee charged is not reimbursable by the MWSL.

Some Police departments require a letter from the league. /upload/doc/CRC Letter.pdf