Metro Women's Soccer League
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Match Reports

Match Reports

Also known as Referee Performance Report.

To adequately assess the overall performance of the referee, it is essential that continuing input be received. TEAMS ARE ASKED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM AFTER EVERY GAME. THE LEAGUE WILL NOT DEAL WITH COMPLAINTS THAT ARE NOT IN WRITING.

For Teams Only

The Team Game Report is to be filled out by Team Officials, Captain or designated person and not by individual players or spectators.

Match Reports - 2016/17

We have made changes to secure the Match Report Form.

To create a match report form you must login and go to your team page. From your team page, click the MR link beside the game you want to report.

Match Report Notes: 
  • The link will only be active after the game has been completed.
  • The link will show MR if  the report has not been created yet.
  • The link will show MR! if the report has been created.