Metro Women's Soccer League
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team play.

MWSL / FVSL 7v7 Tournament



FIFA rules apply during all games, with the following exceptions and amendments.

  • Games will consist of two 25-minute running time halves.
  • The clock is considered “continuous” (it will not stop when the ball goes out of play). At the game officials’ discretion, stoppage time may however be added at the end of each half, to a maximum of 4 minutes
  • Subbing is done by stoppage by referee
  • The half-time interval shall be three (3) to five (5) minutes long, at the discretion of the game officials.
  • 7 vs 7 soccer is played with seven (7) players on each team. A minimum of five (5) players are required for a team to begin a match, and at least five (5) players must be on the field at all times during the match.
  • Should a team have less than 5 players on the field at any given time (due to a red card or an injury) that team will forfeit the game.
  • Player substitution is unlimited but may only take at a stoppage in play (regardless of which team has possession) provided permission is asked to one of the match officials. Players substituting off the field may return later in the game.
  • Illegal substitutions will result in a yellow card being issued to the player attempting to enter the game. Also note that in order to maintain the pace of the game and avoid time delays, players being substituted on or off the field are requested to do so as quickly as possible.
  • All Teams must provide a roster before each game and players must show ID if asked by the referee.
  • There is a limit of 20 players permitted on the roster. Note: No player may play for multiple teams in the tournament.
  • No Underage players (no one under 16 years)
  • All players must be registered with BC Soccer or pay $25 per player
  • Substitutions will take place at half
  • The player entering the game shall wait until the player leaving the game has left the field before, they proceed to enter
  • For playoff games which remain tied after regulation time, the game shall proceed to a penalty shootout. Three (3) penalty kicks will be taken by each team, followed by sudden death penalty kicks.
  • Penalty kicks may be taken by any team member who has signed up on the game sheet, regardless of whether the player was on the field at the completion of the game.
  • Once a player has taken a penalty kick, he/she may not go a second time until all other players have gone once.
  • Head to Head
  • Goal Difference
  • Goals For

  • There are NO offsides in 7 vs 7 soccer.
  • When a free-kick or corner kick is given, all opponents must be at a distance of 7 yards from the ball until it is played.
  • The player taking the free-kick may ask the referee to enforce the 7-yard distance. If such a request is made by the player, the kick cannot be taken until the referee blows his whistle.
  • A goalkeeper may not play the ball with his/her hands if the ball is deliberately passed to him/her by one of their teammates, excluding passes made with any body part above the knee. Any violation of this rule results in an indirect free kick inside the box.

Slide Tackles

  • No Slide tackling in women’s masters
Scoring Points in the Tournament
  • 3 Points for a win
  • 1 point for a draw
  • 3 points for win by default


        A discipline tribunal will resolve any disputes after games. Please respect the decisions of the referee during the game.  Forward any disputes to the scorekeeper at the Tournament office tent