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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Referee Training

MWSL Entry Level Referee Clinic



The Metro Women’s Soccer League and the BC Soccer Association are hosting an Entry Level Referees Clinic. 

In an effort to encourage more members of the MWSL to explore refereeing, we are offering a women's Entry Level clinic in hopes of drawing those curious to refereeing to a weekend that will offer a terrific opportunity to expand their involvement in “the beautiful game”. This clinic is geared toward adult women; it will offer an opportunity for those who wish to learn about the laws of the game and officiating a space to explore this area of soccer.

The goal of this three-day clinic is to provide the appropriate tools to each individual in order to progress as a referee. This is achieved through experienced referee instructors, video clips and discussion. The course involves  theoretical (classroom) and practical (on field) training.

 The topics covered include:

· Laws of the Game                            · Positioning                                        · Signals                                             

· Administration of the game             · Preparation & Match Reporting


Course details:

Friday, April 7             6:00 – 10:00

Saturday, April 8         9:00 – 4:00

Sunday, April 9            9:00 – 2:00

Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West

Instructors:      Michelle Pye, FIFA Referee, MWSL Head Referee, BCSA Instructor

Tim Blaine,  BCSA District Referee, Assessor / Instructor, MWSL Referee Allocator

Cost: $125 (+$4.25 processing fee)


To register, go to:

• under Referee tab, go to Register / Host a clinic

• Select Entry Level Referee Clinics                          

• Select Schedule of Clinics and Registration

• Search by Club / District (Metro Women)             

• click Register

• enter code  mwslsoccer     Complete registration details and pay


Please do not hesitate to contact either Tim or Michelle with any questions regarding the clinic.  Hope to see you there!

Tim at              Michelle at