Metro Women's Soccer League
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team play.

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Posting type: Looking for players
Created: 7/31/2022
Area: Surrey

Title: Masters Div 3
Price: Free

Hello! We have been a team together for 20 years which means we are getting older in body if not mind or spirit. We could use more legs on the field. If you are an experienced player 30+ who is free Friday nights for home games
& social hour and Sunday away games we would love to hear from you. It's okay if it's been a looooong off season but you will need to know the rules and have played on a team in the past. We are a mixed group of ages who work hard on the field and have fun together off the field. You don't need to be madly skilled but aware of how to play without getting carded HA! Our Team Values are Commitment, Respect and Fun. If this sounds like the right fit for you please reach out.