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Posting type: Looking for players
Created: 4/20/2024
Area: Vancouver

Title: Team looking for Selects/Premier/Div 1/Metro & HPL Youth Experienced Players

We are located in Vancouver, and actively recruiting players for all positions for our Spring/Fall.

Our Team is looking for players looking to join a competitive environment, with a good mix of young and talented players. Our weekly training sessions often consist of 16-22 players with experience ranging between Div 1 to Premier and/or experience playing Varsity / Youth HPL & Metro.

We are playing in a Div 1 division this Spring & Fall. Our goal will be to move to Selects at the end of this Fall season.

We organize team socials throughout the year to build chemistry off the field.

If you have experience playing at a competitive level listed above in the title and are interested in trying out, please let me know.

Thank you,
W FC Wolfpac