Metro Women's Soccer League
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team play.

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League Forms

  Youth to Adult transfer application.pdf Youth Team to Adult Team
  Adult League Player Transfer Form - 2014 2015.pdf Adult Team to Adult Team
  MWSL - RefereeReimbursementForm-revised final Aug 2015 dp.pdf MWSL Referee Reimbursement Form
  Parental Liability Acknowledgement - 2014 2015.pdf Parental Liability Acknowledgement
  Accident Claim Form.pdf Accident Claim Form
  MWSL Scholarship Application Form.pdf MWSL - Scholorship Application Form
  MWSL New Membership Handbook V9 FINAL Sept 2017.pdf MWSL - Membership Handbook
  Youth to Senior Permit.pdf Permit Application - (Youth player to Adult team)
'How-to' & Reference Documents

  Game and Interated Cup Schedule-2019-20.pdf MWSL Game and Integrated cup Schedule 2019-20
  MWSL - Classifieds Posting 'How-to' Guide - August 2013.pdf Classifieds Posting - 'How-to' Guide
  Coach Update on Law Changes 2016_2017 (1).pdf Coach Update on Law Changes 2016/2017
  MWSL CoachManager Team Contacts Process.pdf MWSL Coach/Manager Team Contacts Process
AGM 2019

  MWSL AGM Agenda April 23 2019.pdf MWSL AGM Agenda April 23 2019
  MWSL - YE Mar 2019 - 2020 Budget.pdf MWSL - 2019-2020 BUDGET
  President's Address 2019 AGM .pdf President's Address 2019 AGM
  MWSL AGM Minutes April 23 2018.pdf MWSL AGM MINUTES APRIL 2018
  2018-19 Rule Changes to be Ratified.pdf 2018-19 Rule Changes to be Ratified
  MWSL League Manager Report 2018-19.pdf MWSL League Manager Report 2018-19
  MWSL AGM Schedulers Report 2019.pdf MWSL AGM Schedulers Report 2019
  Head Referee Report.pdf MWSL Head Referee Report 2019
AGM 2018

  2018 Annual General Meeting.pdf 2018 AGM Information
  MWSL Agenda 2017-18 AGM.pdf MWSL AGM Agenda 2017-18
  AGM Minutes 2017.pdf MWSL AGM Minutes 2017
  MWSL President's Report 2017 - 18.pdf MWSL Presidents Report 2017-18
  MWSL - Budget 2018-19 AGM .pdf MWSL Budget 2018-19
  MWSL Schedulers Report AGM 2018.pdf MWSL Schedulers Report AGM 2018
  MWSL League Manager Report 2017-18.pdf MWSL League Manager Report 2017-18
  MWSL Referee Assignor Report AGM 2018.pdf MWSL Referee Assignor Report AGM 2017-18