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League Forms

  Youth to Adult transfer application.pdf Youth Team to Adult Team
  Adult League Player Transfer Form - 2014 2015.pdf Adult Team to Adult Team
  MWSL - RefereeReimbursementForm-revised final Aug 2015 dp.pdf MWSL Referee Reimbursement Form
  Parental Liability Acknowledgement - 2014 2015.pdf Parental Liability Acknowledgement
  Accident Claim Form.pdf Accident Claim Form
  MWSL Scholarship Application Form.pdf MWSL - Scholorship Application Form
  MWSL New Membership Handbook V9 FINAL Sept 2017.pdf MWSL - Membership Handbook
  Youth to Senior Permit.pdf Permit Application - (Youth player to Adult team)
'How-to' & Reference Documents

  Game and Intergrated Cup Schedule 2018-19.pdf MWSL Game and Integrated cup Schedule 2018-19
  MWSL Referee Complaint Process.pdf Process by which complaints on refereeing performances shall be submitted and reviewed.
  MWSL - Classifieds Posting 'How-to' Guide - August 2013.pdf Classifieds Posting - 'How-to' Guide
  Coach Update on Law Changes 2016_2017 (1).pdf Coach Update on Law Changes 2016/2017
  MWSL CoachManager Team Contacts Process.pdf MWSL Coach/Manager Team Contacts Process
AGM 2018

  2018 Annual General Meeting.pdf 2018 AGM Information
  MWSL Agenda 2017-18 AGM.pdf MWSL AGM Agenda 2017-18
  AGM Minutes 2017.pdf MWSL AGM Minutes 2017
  MWSL - Budget 2018-19 AGM .pdf MWSL Budget 2018-19
  MWSL President's Report 2017 - 18.pdf MWSL Presidents Report 2017-18
  MWSL Schedulers Report AGM 2018.pdf MWSL Schedulers Report AGM 2018
  MWSL League Manager Report 2017-18.pdf MWSL League Manager Report 2017-18
  MWSL Referee Assignor Report AGM 2018.pdf MWSL Referee Assignor Report AGM 2017-18
AGM 2017

  AGM Minutes 2017.pdf MWSL AGM Minutes 2017
  MWSL - AGM 2016 Minutes.pdf MWSL 2016 Minutes
  MWSL 2017 AGM Agenda.pdf MWSL 2017 AGM Agenda
  MWSL Vice President Report 2017.pdf MWSL Vice President Report 2017
  MWSL Presidents Report 2017.pdf MWSL Presidents Report 2017
  MWSL League Manager Report 2016-17.pdf MWSL League Manager Report 2017
  MWSL Discipline Report 2016.pdf MWSL Discipline Report 2016
  MWSL Scheduler Report 2017.pdf MWSL Scheduler Report 2017
  MWSL Head Referee Report April 2017.pdf MWSL Head Referee Report 2017
  MWSL - YE Budget 2017-18 AGM.pdf MWSL 2017-18 Budget