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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Get your PINK on

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Referee increase for Premier, Selects A & B

Attention Coaches and Managers:

This year as we like many other leagues have found that finding referees last year and this year to be a challenge. The MWSL has tried for several years to keep the referee fees low. We are competing with other adult leagues for the same referees, and we have had to make the difficult decision to raise our fees to be in line with other leagues to attract the same caliber of referees we have had in the past.

We are aware that this is very late notice to our teams and apologize for this but with the referee shortage we are unable to retain referees when other leagues are offering $90 a game compared to our $80 a game for a center referee.



Current fee

New  fee

Per team fee


1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$90 - 55 - 55


Selects A

1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$80 - 50 - 50


Selects B

1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$80 - 50 - 50



Referee fees for Premier will be $45 for the center ref and $55 for the Assistant Referee per team per game so total $100 per team per game.  

Referee fees for Selects A&B will be $40 for the center ref and $50 for the Assistant Referee per team per game so total $90 per team per game.  

Please be aware that due to the shortage you may not have linesman for every game. We will do our best, but they may not be available.

Referee fees in Divisions 1-4, Masters and Over 40’s will stay at $40 for the center ref. These were raised last season

The MWSL is always looking for referees, please share our contact information with your friends and family if you know of anyone who may not play soccer anymore but still wants to be involved in the game. The MWSL can provide assistance on how to go about becoming a referee.

Thank you for your understanding and again apologies for the late timing with this increase.

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager

Posted 8/10/2022 Ref # 7178

Player Registration

Player Registration for Fall 2022/23


Opens August 10, 2022



Players may click on the Registration link and register using the key code provided at the end of this email. Also included in this email is your login and password for your ADMIN LOGIN access.


•The cost for registering a player is $50.00. Online credit card payment and e-transfer payment is available. 


Credits – Some players may still have the $21.00 refund from BC Soccer on their profiles if they still think they haven’t used it and its not showing up on their registration, please don’t complete the registration and contact me at and I can have a look and help them


 ID Cards –The ID cards are to be downloaded from your team page onto your phone or tablet for viewing by the referee at the field. The download will include all paid player ID’s along with the coach ID’s. You will be able to download the ID cards once the schedule is complete and the player has paid the registration fee. If you don’t see the player on your roster and they say they have registered, they probably haven’t paid yet or did not hit finished on their registration and will need to log back in and complete it by hitting finished and paying for the registration before they will be eligible to play.


To download the ID cards, you will need to log in with your coach/manager login,

·            click on team pages,

·            go to the schedule on your team page and on the far right beside the Match Reports (MR) and Rosters you will see Cards.

·            Click on cards to download.

·            Click on Roster to download and print.  Roster will only be viewable 6 days before a game. Both ID Cards and Rosters have discipline info on them so will need to be current each week with the game day info on them.


The first card that will come up in the download will include the scheduled game details.  The cards will need to be downloaded for each game.  Should any of your players receive a Red Card the ID card will appear still but will have Red Card stamped across it until the game suspensions are completed.


·            Two printed copies of the MWSL Roster/Team lists are still required for the referee when requested prior to the match commencing along with the ID card download. TEAMS MUST KEEP THE COPY OF THE ROSTER THEY GET FROM THE OTHER TEAM JUST IN CASE WE ARE ASKED FOR THEM


DivisionsNew teams to the league have been placed in the Divisions we had room in, and I am still working on some adjustments in some of the divisions so there may still be some changes.


Over 40’s - We were unable to get the Over 40’s division up and going this year so have moved those team back into masters and anybody that requested a move to over 40’s we have left you where you were.



I suggest you copy and paste the following instructions to send to your players:


Player Registration Player registration for Fall/Winter soccer is open. Use your Fall login and Password and click Player registration at If you can't remember your password use the forgot password function on the player registration page. Once you have logged in, fill out the online form. You must first enter in the key code. (Please provide your players the key code included) If you are new to the league or do not have a photo uploaded on your profile then add an ID photo when the form prompts you.


The photo is for your ID card so head shots ONLY are required with no sunglasses or hats or group photos. If you played last year the uploaded photo will carry over to this year’s card. Change the photo if you are wearing a hat or sunglasses, or the photo is too small and not appropriate for an ID card. No group photos. Click finished when you have completed the form.


Looking forward to the beginning of a new season! Please be sure to check our website regularly for updates.



Thank you,

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager

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Media Release BC Adult League

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Back of the Net Soccer Summerfest Tournament