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Posted 11/5/2021 Ref # 7124

Vaccine Verification Info Dates and link

Attention Team Officials


Further to our email sent out on October 29th to team staff and players, we have received clarification on the October 25th Provincial Health Order from Via Sport regarding who is required to provide proof of double vaccination.


Initially we thought that this requirement included players 21 or younger but we have been advised that particular restriction only applies to adult leagues with indoor activities.


As you can imagine, the logistics of attending individual games on a weekly basis to view all the staff/volunteers and referees’ vaccine passport would not be practical for League personnel or the teams. The process that the League has prepared to verify coaching staff/volunteers and referees participating in sport with anyone 21 or younger is through Zoom.


We will hold Zoom meetings organized by division and to maintain privacy we will admit only one person at a time verify their vaccine passport and ID and move through the staff of those teams that we have identified as having players 21 and under.



To remove the need to verify vaccine status prior to each game or practice, the League needs the written consent of all verified team staff/volunteers and referees to keep a record of the vaccine passport verification. No information pertaining to the vaccine passport will be retained, only the individual’s name, the date that the vaccine passport was verified and the statement that the individual has received two vaccines. To provide this consent, please use the link below and use your coach login credentials to access the form.


Permission to retain this information can be revoked at any time by contacting the League in writing to remove the information and the League will delete all information pertaining to that individual. Please note that if the consent is revoked while the provincial health order remains in effect that the individual will not be eligible to participate in any soccer related events including practices or games.



Available Zoom Times


Saturday Nov 6th 8am-noon –Div 1 and 2

Join Zoom Meeting


Monday Nov 8th 10am-5pm – Div 3 and 4

Join Zoom Meeting


Wednesday Nov 10th 2pm-7pm – Premier, Selects A&B

Join Zoom Meeting


During the Zoom calls, we will let you into the meeting as soon as the previous individual has disconnected. You may have to wait in the waiting room until we are ready for you to ensure everyone’s privacy. If you don't get let in right away, please be patient as we endeavor to be as efficient as possible.


We understand that this is a sudden change and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we all do our part to comply with this provincial mandate.


Thank you



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Soccer for the New Player

Posted 9/30/2021 Ref # 7121

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Get your PINK on

Posted 9/8/2021 Ref # 7115

Referee Fee Increase

Attention Coaches and Managers:

This year as we get ready to get back out onto the field, we like many other leagues have found that finding referees this year to be a challenge. It is estimated that we are down 30% for returning referees. The MWSL has tried for several years to keep the referee fees low. We are competing with other adult leagues for the same referees, and we have had to make the difficult decision to raise our fees to be in line with other leagues to attract the same caliber of referees we have had in the past.

We are aware that this is very late notice to our teams and apologize for this but with the referee shortage we are unable to retain referees when other leagues are offering $80 or $90 dollars a game compared to our $70.

Referee fees in Divisions 1-4, Masters and Over 40’s will be $40 per team per game this season.

Referee fees for Premier Selects A&B will stay at $40 for the center ref and $40 for the linesman per team per game so total $80 per team per game.  Please be aware that due to the shortage you may not have linesman for every game. We will do our best, but they may not be available.

The MWSL is always looking for referees, please share our contact information with your friends and family if you know of anyone who may not play soccer anymore but still wants to be involved in the game. The MWSL can provide assistance on how to go about becoming a referee.

Thank you for your understanding and again apologies for the late timing with this increase.

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager

Posted 9/3/2021 Ref # 7114

2021-22 Important Reminders and Instructions !

Attention Coaches and Managers:

Please read all the following information and important reminders for this years Fall/winter season!!!!


The Schedule is Posted, Except for the Cup Schedule, these dates will have been left blank on your schedule until the cup schedule is out. Please advise your players that these are not bye weekends.

Integrated Cup Schedule - This is an outline of the season and gives you the dates for the cup games and make-up weekends. This schedule is the same format (except for Premier) as past years integrated cup schedule and has been posted on the website under league docs.  Please have a look at the integrated cup schedule! Even if you think you got knocked out of cup play after the round robin portion that does not mean that you have completed all your games. Divisions 1-4 have consolation cups.

Group Play Game 1 – November 26th weekend

Group Play Game 2 – January 14th weekend

Group Play Game 3 – January 21st weekend

Check out the Quarter final and Semi Final dates on the integrated cup schedule.

FYI – Cup Finals this year are Schedules for Sunday March 27th.

Family Day: 

We have in the past offered teams (except for Premier) the option of playing or not on the Family Day weekend.  If you are unable to play that weekend and cannot field a team for the game, you must let us know by Dec 15th and we will reschedule the game.  Should the weather give us problems and we need to get cup games played we may have to use it as our only other option to get these games played before the cup final.

Referee Fees

            Divisions 1-5 and Classics $40.00 Per team per game

Premier and Selects Divisions $40 per team per game for the centre referee and $40 Per team to the Lines person (each team pays one lines person).

Premier, Selects A & B - This year we are quite short on referee’s so you may not have AR’s for every game. We will do our best, but they may not be available.


Field Etiquette – We ask all teams to be patient and wait for the teams on the field before your field booking to leave the field before entering. Participants should not arrive sooner than 20 minutes before the scheduled start time and there should be sufficient space for physical distancing while lining up or waiting to begin.  At the end of your field booking participants must immediately leave the facility.

NO Spitting or Nose-clearing on the field. No coughing directed at another individual.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING - The activity must always comply with the distancing measures and recommendations, along with any gathering restrictions issued by the BC health authorities, including the arrival and departure of players (except for family members or persons residing in the same household).

Recommended that teams refrain from inviting spectators to the games and focus on supporting the “event” participants (those who are essential to the activity).


EQUIPMENT - Exercise caution with any and all equipment that is being used. - Ask players to avoid touching equipment with their hands. Clean equipment after use. Do not share equipment or goalie gloves.

Sidelines - Team officials are responsible to manage their sideline, not the referee. As it relates, referees are to be lenient with team officials and players who may be standing outside the standard or identified technical area. Per normal requirements, team officials are to ensure they and their players are conducting themselves in a responsible manner.


Your ID Card will only be available for download if the card has been paid for, players must be paid for before they are eligible to play.  ID Card Downloads must be done for each game and the first card to come up in the download will match your team list with the date and opponent for the game.

Discipline will appear on the download of cards and rosters. Please be aware that any discipline from the 2019-20 season still outstanding will be carried over to this season.


Coach ID

Coaches and team contacts must have picture ID, if you haven’t already you need to download coach and team contact photos, complete the CRC process, and acknowledge the Coaches Code of Conduct.  These IDs would then be included in your ID card download for games.  Coaches/Team contacts are not to be on the field without being listed on the MWSL site as a team contact and have proper MWSL ID.

Instructions below on adding team contacts and photos:

To add team contacts, you will need to log in with your coach login on the website under admin

·         click on this year’s team, this will take you to your team page

·         click on the pencil in the box marked Team (top left of your team page) this will take you to the team maintenance page

·         scroll down to the team contacts and you will see a drop-down arrow in the spot for a team contact name, search through till you find the team contact. click on them and then hit post at the top of the page

·         If you don’t find them, you will have to click on the add button beside the team contact space you want them in.

·         fill in their contact info and hit post at the top of the page

·         go back to your team maintenance page and you will now find them in the drop-down menu, select them and hit post at the top of the page.

To add a photo for coaches and team contacts you will need to log in with your coach login on the website under admin

·         click on this year’s team, this will take you to your team page

·         click on the pencil in the box marked Team (top left of your team page) this will take you to the team maintenance page

·         scroll down to the team contacts and you will see an EDIT hyperlink beside the team contact name, click on it

·         Upload photo and hit post at the bottom of the page


Team Lists:

Team lists provided to the referee before the game time along with ID cards must be the proper team list/roster printed from the website found on your team page.  This should not come as a surprise to any teams as this has been in effect for numerous seasons and has been discussed at the AGM's.  The reason we require the team list from the website as opposed to a hand-written team list is that the registered player’s names will automatically show up. Discipline will also show up on the Team list and ID cards. This gives us another way to confirm proper registered players and detect any ineligible players.  Not using the proper team list/rosters will incur fines.

Inter-club permits:

The inter club permit is an online form and the ID cards will be moved over to the team you are being called up to once the form is completed.  Please see the updated rules for the ICP’s.

Team Affiliation:

This is a new rule that is similar to Inter club permits but was added to help out stand alone teams, club teams can still use it as well.  Please see the rules that apply to the team affiliation on the website under Rules.  The team affiliation form can be found on the website under league docs. Any questions about this please send me an email.

Rules and Regulations:

It is every team’s responsibility to read the Rules and Regulations and know your home game day responsibilities.  Not knowing is not an excuse to be exempt from them.  The referee’s report does ask if the teams have complied with the rules and team requirements so even if they say it is fine for the game to continue with i.e. cones instead of proper flags they still report the lack of them and the team may be fined.

The home team is responsible for field preparation (lining, etc.) and providing four (4) regulation corner flags & one goal net. The visiting team is responsible for bringing their own net.

Teams that regularly play their home matches on artificial turf must provide the proper turf corner flags. IF YOU ARE TRAVELING TO A VANCOUVER TURF FIELD BRING YOUR NET THEY DO NOT HAVE NETS SET UP.

Home teams will choose a side to set up their benches and run lines. The Visiting team will then set up on the opposite side of the field and run lines on that side. In the event the field has both benches on the same side, both teams may use these benches but will be responsible to run the flag on the opposite side of the field for one half.

In the event of any match site, the home team as determined by the scheduler is responsible for all the regular home team duties1.2.4.1. Lack of any of the above is to be noted in the match report and the team will be fined for each offence per the Schedule of Fines

Request to Reschedule and Game Defaults:

We realize that we are still in a pandemic and do not want teams and players going out to games when feeling sick. Should your team need to default a game due to illness (Covid) amongst the players the league will work with each scenario separately with the teams involved regarding the default fines. There are still field fees and referee fees to cover should your team default, but we do not want anybody going to games if they are feeling any symptoms.

Please make yourself aware of the Request to Reschedule and Game default rules / fines, this can be found under the About Us Tab then click on Rules and Regulations.  Not having enough players for a game is not considered a valid reason to request a game reschedule.  Coaches not being able to make the game is not considered a valid reason to request a game reschedule.

Teams need to be prepared to play all scheduled matches.  Unfortunately, the Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. The league is open to moving games to another game time that same weekend if the teams can provide a field. Vancouver teams that get their fields from the MWSL are not included in this because we unable to return the fields that you have already been booked on that weekend.

There are no reschedules on November 11th weekend, this has been discussed at the AGM and is a game weekend and teams are expected to play this weekend.

Team Responsibilities:

Teams must be at the field and prepared to play before the kick of time. This means you must have Rosters and Cards checked by the referee before the kickoff time

Absolutely no Jewelry is permitted on the field

Home teams must have completed their home field responsibilities

Any player or Coach ejected from the game must leave the park

You should have copies of your field permits on hand for every game. (if the MWSL gets the fields for you they are located on your team page along with bathroom and light codes


Coach Etiquette:

Please remember that Coaches must show the appropriate behavior and language on the field.  They should not be getting involved in discussions with opposing players from the bench and should not at any time yell derogatory remarks at the opposing team, the referee, or their own players. 

Every team, club, district, league, or affiliated association is responsible to the Association for the actions of its players, officials and spectators and is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting game officials and/or players before, during or at the conclusion of any sanctioned game.

Verbal abuse and insulting behavior of game officials by any person or organization is a breach of the BC Soccer Discipline Rules and subject to disciplinary action by a district or league-in membership or inter-district Discipline Committee.

Persistent disputing of games official’s decisions, persistent criticism including personally insulting remarks, threatening behavior, violent conduct or attempted violent conduct shall be investigated by the governing body in jurisdiction.


All participants in soccer have a responsibility to:

1) Comply, at all times, with Canada Soccer’s and BC Soccer’s By-laws, policies, procedures, directives, and Rules and Regulations, as adopted and amended from time to time.

2) Work in a spirit of partnership to collaborate with all the stakeholders in soccer to align efforts to achieve our shared objectives as may be communicated from time to time in the Strategic plans of our parent bodies and of BC Soccer.

3) Resolve conflicts in a professional and civil manner on issues that may be in dispute.

4) Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of BC Soccer Members and other individuals by:

a) Demonstrating respect to individuals regardless of body type, physical characteristics, athletic ability, age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.

b) Complying with the By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and policies and decisions of soccer and sport governing bodies.

c) Directing comments or criticism appropriately and avoiding public criticism of participants in soccer and sport.

d) Consistently demonstrating the spirit of fair play, sport leadership, and ethical conduct.

e) Consistently treating individuals fairly and reasonably; and

f) Ensure adherence to the Laws of the Game.

g) Demonstrate respect for the principle of fair play, which include: • Respect for both the letter and spirit of the rules; • Respect for referees and their decisions; • Respect for opponents, including modesty in victory and composure in defeat; • Facilitation of access to sport; and • Maintenance of self-control at all times.

h) Refrain from the use of power or authority in an attempt to coerce another person to engage in inappropriate activities.

i) Promote the sport in the most constructive and positive manner possible.

j) Respect the property of others and not willfully cause damage; and

k) Adhere to all federal, provincial, municipal and host country laws

Thank you,

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager