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Soccer For the New Player

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2023 AGM Notice

2023 Annual General Meeting 

Monday April 17, 2023 


Time: Check in 6:45-7:00pm (Meeting starts at 7:15pm)

This year’s AGM will be held via Zoom, registration and meeting links will be sent to the team staff before the April 17, 2023, meeting.

We invite one team representative from each team to the 2023 MWSL Annual General Meeting. We will not be allowing individuals to represent more than one team due to the voting restrictions of the online meeting platform.

Each team will need to decide who their representative will be. There will be items at the AGM that will require a vote so please make sure the team representative has the approval to vote on behalf of the team. Representatives must be members in good standing as per the League bylaws in order to participate in voting. The meeting will be recorded for meeting minute purposes.

A team representative is required to attend. Failure to attend will result in a fine to the team per the schedule of fines.

Additional information for the 2023 AGM including the 2023-24 budget, AGM Agenda and any proposed rule changes will be posted under the 'LEAGUE DOCS' tab at in the section labeled "AGM 2023". This information will be available for viewing to all Team Representatives on the MWSL website under league docs 21 days before the meeting. Voting members need to make sure they have read up on any/all the proposed Rule and Regulation changes, Constitution changes and Bylaw changes and be ready to vote on these items.

If you have any questions, please submit them to by April 1, 2023.

Note: A Member in arrears with annual fees or indebted to the Society in any way shall not be eligible to vote or participate in the business of the Society at the Annual General Meeting unless prior written financial agreement for settlement of such indebtedness has been entered into with the Society.

A Member who is under suspension from the Society (per Article 13-8) will not be eligible to vote or participate in the business of the Society at the Annual General Meeting.

Call For nominations: 

The MWSL is always looking for volunteers to step into any vacant Board positions. If interested we encourage you to please contact our President, Albert Stewart at Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2023, please include a short bio of approximately 200 words.

Thank you

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager on behalf of the Board of Directors

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Spring 2023 Team Registration is Open!

Spring 2023Team Registration

Team Registration is open – February 21, 2023 and will end March 25, 2023. 

Spring Team Fees

$175 Returning Spring team that played fall

$250 New Spring Team or Returning Spring only team

$100 New Team Bond to MWSL

$30 Player registration if player did not play fall soccer or is playing on a second team

$20 Player registration for players who played Fall 2022/23

League information

Spring League starts April 24, 2023. There are 8 scheduled games in spring league with no games played May long weekend, May 19-22

If you are going to register a team for Spring 2023 you must make sure you are going to have enough players to field a team for the 8 games that your team will be scheduled to play. We do not reschedule games in our spring league, but default rules still apply. Please see schedule of fines for default info.

Games are scheduled Monday to Friday. New and existing Teams must obtain a field between Monday and Friday evening after 7pm. Latest start time is 9pm

We have Divisions 1 through 4, Premier, Selects and Masters and possibly an over 40’s division (Classics) if we get enough interest in the Spring League. If your team is interested in playing over 40’s please email me and put notes in the team registration section so I can track how many we have.  We would need 4 teams to put the division together.

Masters - Teams that played in the Masters Division 1 and the top 8 teams in Masters div 2 are asked to go into the open divisions for spring this year as the Masters spring division that is offered is made up of Masters division 3 and 4, we want to keep the competition in that division fair.  Should I receive enough interest in a Masters Spring division for Masters Division 1 and the top 8 teams in Masters Division 2 and the travel time for week day games is reasonable for teams we can look at adding that division. Again put your notes about wishes in the notes section of your team registration

Teams must be registered by March 25, 2023, and payment must be received by March 28, 2023. Please note our payment methods.

·         Credit Card Online

·         E-transfer your payment to Put your team’s name and division in the etransfer notes. If you choose this option, please reply to this email identifying the date the transfer was completed.

Fields - If your team has a special request for a field, division or home game day you must put that on your registration to have your request considered. The league will do our best to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee anything. Please do not email requests in after you register, it must be on your registration.

Should you share a field with another league i.e. a men’s team then please note who you share your field with on the registration form.


Team Contacts (Coach, Assistant Coach 1, Assistant Coach 2 and Manager)

Teams will be able to have up to four contacts listed for their team contacts. They will only show up on the roster and ID card download once they have completed all three team contact requirements.

Failure to do so before your game will result in you not being allowed on team bench/field without a valid ID card moving forward.  You must have completed the CRC, Photo upload and Coaches Code of Conduct requirement’s in order to get a valid card.  

Ø  Three Requirements for team contacts

v  Upload a Current Photo

v  Acknowledgement of Coaches Code of Conduct

v  Criminal Record Check (Valid CRC’s are to be sent to Jo-Dee to update your profile, if you have not gotten one click on the link provided on your coaches profile)

Outstanding team fines or fees

Teams that have not paid any outstanding team fees or fines may find that their team registration may be denied or delayed until the payments have been received by the league

Important dates to remember:

March 25, 2023 - Midnight-Deadline Team Registration is OVER

March 28, 2023 -Team Fees Due

April 1st - Player Registration is open online

March 28, 2023 - Drop day, any team that drops after this date will not get their team registration fees refunded.


Thank you,

Jo-Dee Stanley                                              

MWSL League Manager   

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Get your PINK on

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Referee increase for Premier, Selects A & B

Attention Coaches and Managers:

This year as we like many other leagues have found that finding referees last year and this year to be a challenge. The MWSL has tried for several years to keep the referee fees low. We are competing with other adult leagues for the same referees, and we have had to make the difficult decision to raise our fees to be in line with other leagues to attract the same caliber of referees we have had in the past.

We are aware that this is very late notice to our teams and apologize for this but with the referee shortage we are unable to retain referees when other leagues are offering $90 a game compared to our $80 a game for a center referee.



Current fee

New  fee

Per team fee


1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$90 - 55 - 55


Selects A

1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$80 - 50 - 50


Selects B

1 Referee 2 Assitants

$80 -40 -40

$80 - 50 - 50



Referee fees for Premier will be $45 for the center ref and $55 for the Assistant Referee per team per game so total $100 per team per game.  

Referee fees for Selects A&B will be $40 for the center ref and $50 for the Assistant Referee per team per game so total $90 per team per game.  

Please be aware that due to the shortage you may not have linesman for every game. We will do our best, but they may not be available.

Referee fees in Divisions 1-4, Masters and Over 40’s will stay at $40 for the center ref. These were raised last season

The MWSL is always looking for referees, please share our contact information with your friends and family if you know of anyone who may not play soccer anymore but still wants to be involved in the game. The MWSL can provide assistance on how to go about becoming a referee.

Thank you for your understanding and again apologies for the late timing with this increase.

Jo-Dee Stanley

MWSL League Manager