Metro Women's Soccer League
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team play.


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Red and yellow cards are now entered in the same place as goal scorers. All red Cards are to be sent into the league office. 6501 Sprott Street, Burnaby BC V5B 3B8

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Vancouver Parks Bathroom Codes


Men: 1, 3&5 together, 4, 2

Women: 4, 1, 2&3 together, 5

Van Tech: 3,5,4,1

Memorial South

Men: 5-2-4-3-1

Women: 2-1-4-3

Jericho – public change room that is unlocked

Andy Livingstone 
Men: 3&4-1-5-2 
Women: 2&3-5-1-4

Men's: 5-2&3-1-4
Women's: 3-4&5-1-2

Those who have access are to understand that:

1. Keep Combination limited to a "need to know only" list.

2. NO access to anyone you do not know personally. 

3. Once the combination is compromised, so is security and safety of the area.

4. Do not leave valuables in change room or consider area safe and secure.

5. Other field users will have this combination.